The Coronavirus - China - Alphabet - important times for understanding

Lasse Moer - updated 23.11.2022

“For all is like an ocean, all flows and connects; touch it in one place and it echoes at the other end of the world.
- Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881), "The Brothers Karamazov"


China's history has a large element of being inspired by insightful words from great thinkers as Laozi (6th- 4th century BCE). He refers to an old "golden age" in China where the ruler were so wise in governing of China that the people said; "we are what we are by our own power".

Now there is a leadership in China that does not seem to have any thoughts for any such principle to govern the country by: It seems that the man at the top of China; Xi Jinping, who can title himself; president - General Secretary of the Communist Party - and head of the country's Central Military Commission, has been given too much leeway; both nationally and internationally.

Is he prevented from further, too little attention, in an indirect way - by a virus?

With an expansion of China's "interests" around the world, especially in Europe, this seems to be a big under-communicated problem, also in a big ideological context.

The early history of the virus is indicative of the methods Xi and the party have used for their purposes.

The history of communism has been written in unimaginable amounts of blood and tears, with a view of humanity as an underlying theme. Xi's thinking is the result of the choices of people before him; where Karl Marx (1818-1883) and Friedrich Engels (1820-1895) were central to the ideational basis for later editions of communism.

Xi Jinping is a "Mao with money and Western technology"! Like others who seem not to care enough about the dignity of human beings, in his position that the West has allowed him to overtime, he may be the one who will stand on the dock in an international investigation - together with the party he may appear to have sat on top of for life (?)

To the years 2018-19

The AI-based (AI=artificial intelligence) surveillance system, with a large number of cameras for e.g. facial recognition, is a new technology that the leaders in China are using for their purposes. A separate web search engine Google was to develop for China; The Dragonfly project combined with Google's possibility of personal monitoring in its operating system; Android in mobiles is a terribly liberating system on a large scale!

Google had to attend hearings in the Senate in the United States about this and the possible influence in the last election campaign period, with methods that Google could use in its position of power.

A video recording from the hearing here at; Dr. Robert Epstein's research on Google


Alphabet is the company behind Google, YouTube an a lot of others. Sundar Pichai, alongside the two founders and owners; Larry Page and Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin are the three central people in this. Sundar has grown up as a high caste in India and it may seem that he has a lot of "to struggle with" from this?

Google bought a plot of land i Norway nearby Skien

Was there a connection between the Senate hearings for a possible indictment of high treason in its development work for the Chinese authorities and the land purchase (they would not state the reason for) outside Skien? Your holiday visit here from the management may give some thoughts. After all, here you have a university that is supposed to deliver research and problematization to the media on important social topics that the media do not investigate enough on their own... Have they done that? (except for someone with something else to do...)

Google removed my website (on the former University of Oslo domain) as a search result for 4 days when I started writing about this in 2019, until they realized that there was too visible a trace of them?

A top social scientist and now a Google whistleblower




Was the presidential election in the United States a fair election at the front and the back?

Here Professor Claes G, Ryn who has investigated the election.

Incidentally, this happened with Google's "help" during a speech by the new President Biden


Here is Robert Epstein's website for further insight into the results of his research into the methods of Alphabet


George Soros raised issues surrounding China at the Davos meeting in 2019 (5:20), but unfortunately received little attention.

A relevant 2019 documentary film about artificial intelligence ; iHuman , with direction and participation in knowledge; Tonje Hesse Schei (with no access at Google in making this fillm)

China's possible influence on Joe Biden and his son, through economic interests with China, seems to me to have been too little covered. The elected vice-president Kamala Harris seems to have a difficult background for this demanding task, which was shown earlier when she did nothing in cases against child abuse.




A lot is starting to come to light now, about, among other things, deliberate political manipulations in the whole of "Big Tech's" enormous opportunities, and which are difficult to trace afterwards. This is surely something of "a learning time" for the media and all possible interested scientists! - and hobby-researchers like me.


The coronavirus may - as part of nature's microcosmos - be the important "disturbing element" for a more insightful time - wit the help of Dostoevsky's words: - "everything is like the sea" -